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Board certification | Board-certified clinical pharmacologists

  • Board-certified clinical pharmacologists
  • Board-certified pharmacists
  • Board-certified clinical research coordinator (CRC)
  • Foreign clinical pharmacology training program

About board-certified clinical pharmacologists

The board of the Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics certifies specialists in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics who have professional knowledge, skills, and experience, and have passed the examination as Board-certified Clinical Pharmacologists since 1991.

The aims of this system are to provide effective and safe pharmacological treatment for patients, and to support advancements in clinical pharmacology.

Board-certified Clinical Pharmacologists have the latest knowledge, highest skills, and the most professional attitudes necessary for the delivery of excellent pharmacological treatment. They are capable of carrying out ethical and scientifically appropriate medical care and clinical research, and give advice to other professionals.

Advantages in establishing this system are

1)to prove that certified specialists have above-standard ability and experience in the field of clinical pharmacology;

2)to encourage advances in the study and technology of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics; and

3)to stimulate lifelong assessment and learning about pharmacotherapy.

Board-certified Clinical Pharmacologists are expected to not only activate research and educational activities but also to play important roles in clinical trials.

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